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You don’t have to go crazy about a theme to throw your child a great party. There are some classic party themes that always work in these cases. It doesn’t matter what is popular, trendy or in vogue at the moment.

These are themes that people have used for years. Every boy has had at least one party about one of them. Because yes, they always work.

On the one hand, it might be because they are classic themes in a boy’s childhood. On the other hand, it’s also because boys develop a taste for many of these themes. It’s as if these things are intrinsically appealing to them.

These themes also work for those times when you don’t have any idea what to do for your son’s birthday and he isn’t interested in anything specific.

In fact, these categories work perfectly for every kids’ party that you want have.


Classic themes for boy´s parties



Superheroes have become more popular than ever because thanks to all the new Marvel movies coming out. And, obviously, DC Comics wants to do the same thing, too. So, every year we can watch at least two movies about these superhero characters at the movie theater.

But superheroes have always been a common theme for boys’ parties. They fascinate children. They are to boys what princesses are to girls.

From Captain America (Marvel) to Batman (DC Comics), these characters have marked the life of every man. Since they were children, they have looked up to them and even when they are adults, superheroes are a recurrent theme in their birthday parties and their interests.

The most popular are Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Spiderman, The Flash, and The Fantastic Four, among others.

Villains are also an attractive and original option for throwing a party. If you don’t want to be so cliché, you can always use the villains. One of the most famous is The Joker from the Batman comic.




What do most men in the world all have in common? Their love for speed and cars, of course! This attraction is also developed from a very young age, and many cartoons have reinforced it. In addition, parents always push boys to be “good drivers” and stuff like that.


Decades ago, Speed Racer was a phenomenon among children and teens. Currently, there are many video games, movies and series that support the taste for speed and cars. Cars, Need for Speed, Fast and Furious, and other media products are the leading theme parties in this category.


Another option that you have is to throw a party with the colors white, black and red and add the Ferrari logo everywhere. With this, you’ll be making a celebration about the most famous racing sport in the world: Formula One.



This is another one of those things that men really like. In fact, each country has a favorite and extremely popular sport. In some places it’s football, and in others, it’s baseball. But there is always something that the people really like.

What this means is that every father teaches his son the love to a specific team. So, sports are other trendy theme when it comes to throwing a guy a party, of course.

Plus, the costume is pretty easy. Who doesn’t have a t-shirt with the emblem of their favorite team at home?

There are so many options when we think about sports. And there are so many related subjects to choose from. You can throw a party about a specific sport or you can also make the party about a specific team. All you have to do in this case is prepare all the decorations in the colors of the team you choose.

For example, if you want to have a party about a team from the Spanish League, maybe Barcelona FC, you would want to use dark blue and burgundy in your decorations. You should also place the logo in a few places to make it easier for people to recognize your theme.

On the other hand, what you can also do is to grab the equipment for each sport and make your decoration based on that. A baseball, a soccer ball, a tennis racket, a bat, a glove, etc. There are many things you can use for this type of theme.


Animated “classic” films “

It doesn’t matter what is fashionable, trendy or in vogue at the moment; there are some movies that will always catch the eye of children in any era.

Disney was an expert in creating classic and traditional cartoons that would mark the lives of children. And the lives of their parents, too.

There isn’t anybody in the world who doesn’t know about Mickey Mouse or the princess fairy tales.

Toy Story and The Lion King are two other animated movies that will always have a place in everyone’s heart. These movies have been passed down from generation to generation.


Producers and directors have make remakes, live-action, and other things to keep these films alive. And they make it work.


Another of them may be Lilo and Stitch, the famous tale of One Thousand and One Nights, Aladdin, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Tarzan, Pinocchio, Shrek, Robin Hood, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Nightmare before Christmas, Ice Age, Monsters Inc., A Bug’s Life, Peter Pan, Pokémon, and the list goes on.


Dinosaurs (or other animals)

Believe it or not, in some cases children also develop a love for this extinct species or for some other type of animal.

Maybe it’s because of the fact that, for them, they aren’t real. Or because they represent the history of the planet. But for some reason, dinosaurs and everything related to them fascinate children.

It’s another them that is very easy to recreate because it has predominant colors like green and brown. And there are many movies where you can find inspiration to create your celebration about this theme.

This is a theme that never goes out of style because it has a touch of history.


Classic Video Games

In this category, it’s the same as with animated films. There are some video games that will always have a place in everyone’s heart, no matter how old-fashioned they are.

In fact, in some cases, the games have been evolving along with technology so that the new generations can enjoy them, too.

Video games like Mario Bros, Sonic, Pac-man, Bomberman, Crash, Frogger, Galaga, Tetris, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong, or Pokémon, among others, have been very popular and nobody will ever remove the place they have in our childhood.

Even FIFA – which also goes with another of the categories mentioned here – has become a theme for parties.


Maybe this isn’t the most popular theme, but it’s one of the most creative and interesting. For a music-themed party, you can do whatever you want to. You can have super cool attractions that may have to do with some of the previous categories.

For example, Guitar Hero and Rock Band—video games—have become games that make many celebrations unforgettable. And bands like KISS or Metallica have also been the stars of many others.


A music party allows you to develop your creativity limited only by the types of music there are. From rock to rap, there are artists that are iconic and in many cases, you could make a party around that theme.


On the other hand, it’s very difficult to find a kid who doesn’t like music; it’s just the opposite, actually. Depending on your child’s tastes, this category can be an excellent choice for your party.

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