What are the right type of shoes to play with?

Use always sporty and comfortable shoes in order to be able to jump and get a good grip meanwhile playing.

What is the minimun age to play? why?

The minimum age to play is 5 years old. The reason is because the equipment can be too big or heavy for smaller kids.

How much do I have to pay for a Lasertag game?

Our regular game Price is $10 per individual game but we always have awesome offers for you to enjoy playing at our location. Please refer to our promotions page for more information.

When I am going to play a second game, will I have to go over the video, and Vesting room stages again?

Yes, we need to be fair to other players and explain details. In case all players have played the game, you will be required to go through all stages first.

What is the minimum number of participants to play a private game?

To play a private game (for a group) you will need to pay for the whole round (24 spots).

Are kids mixed with people from other different ages?

Al Laserland we encourage kids playing with people of the same age. If that’s not possible we make it clear for the participants so they are aware of this.

What is the duration of the Lasertag game?

The Lasertag game is 12 minutes of intense action, fog, light effects and great music.

Is Lasertag only for kids?

You shouldn’t be wondering about this. OF COURSE NOT! Shame on you…. Lasertag is for ALL AGES.

Can I bring my purse inside the attraction?

We do not allow purses inside our maze or any room of the attraction. You will find lockers at Laserland that you can rent for a small amount of money. During the attraction you are responsible for your own cellular phone, glasses or watch, our referees are there to make you have a nice game.

Are there any instructors or referees inside the maze during the game?

Yes, our referees do “rounds” making sure everything runs smoothly meanwhile you play and watching out for any kids not obeying the rules that were explained on our mission rule board. NO running or climbing and staying 5 feet from your opponent.

Can Parents go inside and watch their kids play?

Parents can go with their kids inside only when they are playing too. Otherwise, we have our game referees in charge of the game.

What’s the minimum height for the kid to play at the Lasertag attraction?

The minimum height to play is 40 inches.

Can I play -Free for All- and other fun games?

Definitely, at Laserland we have other amazing chasing games like Agents, Zombies, Back Stabber and much much more. Ask for them to our referees and they will be more than happy to assist you explaining them.

Is there a possibility to ADD additional time within a game?

Yes, we can add more time if you have paid for it at the counter and for the whole round (24 spots).

How does the Lasertag attraction Works? What does the kids do when they get in?

The participants will get in and we will show them a video explaining how to use the equipment and the way our interactive arena works. Also explaining the rules to enjoy a fun and fair game. Right next they go to the next stage which is the Vesting Room, where they will put on their vest and prepare for the game. Referees make sure that all vests are correctly placed and that everyone is ready, then all of the players go inside and play tagging each other.

Do I need to have a reservation to play?

You do not need a reservation to play, call to check availability as we get really full at times. Walk-ins are welcome!

Is there a parking fee? or enough parking space?

We have a nice parking lot with enough space, you can park for FREE!

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