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The guide of do’s and don’ts for make the best teenage party to your child, without both of you being unhappy.


Adolescence is the most difficult age for every child. It’s the time they start to build their identity. The time where they don’t like anything and, suddenly, they like everything.

The first thing you have to take care is about communication between you and your child. This is the base of every relationship.

You have to be a good negociant, but you also should have the best kind of communication with the honored. This is what will allow the success of the party.

The clear and adequate information exchange can be the best thing for negotiate the party details. And, obviously, it’s the option for negotiate important factors of the celebration.


Birthday party ideas for teenages

For example, the budget, that has to be adequate to your pocket and satisfy the tastes of your child. The guests list, which affects the budget and the choice of party place. The estimated time of start and end of the party. And other variables where you can disagree.

Anyways, to do a party that your teenage son actually enjoys, is not that complicated. You just need to have a good communication and to understand each other.

The celebrations aren’t the same in this age as in another, but you already have the experience of having his/her age.


Teenage party ideas



Don’t look weird to any of his/her friends. Don’t act awkward if you see something you don’t like about the look, gestures or the way of being of his friends.

Anything that catches your attention can be discussed after the party. The days ahead will be enough to do it. Believe it.


Invite your friends or anybody your son don’t really know or like 

Although you’re the person who is planning the party, it’s not your party.

If you’re going to get bored, invite someone that can help you with the preparations and, at the same time, can be a partner.

But, please, don’t make your own guests list. It could be inappropriate and an unnecessary problem between you and your child.

Being around and get between them and their way of relating

While nothing bad is happening, leave them alone. You can give them a look time to time, but avoid making indiscreet questions, being awkward around them or prying too much.

You have to give them space, so they can be more comfortable and feel freer to enjoy everything you planned for them.


Give him/her surprises that he/she doesn’t expect

Just because you would have liked to have that at a birthday party, doesn’t mean that your child wants it too.

The parents find it hard to remember that their children’s lives are not a way of claiming what they didn’t do. But you need to let him/her make his/her own decisions, as long as they aren’t harmful.

So, forget about surprises. Tell him/her every simple idea you have about his/her birthday or celebration. Pay attention to the opinions he/she approves and those that he/she doesn’t. Nothing worse that a family fight in the middle of a party.


Order him/her to take care of his/her little brothers or cousins

If it’s too hard to avoid that kids go to the party, you can find a place where you can put them and they enjoy it without being a problem to the other guests.

And, of course, you won’t make your teenage son do the babysitting work. All he/she wants is to be with his/her friends and enjoy his/her party with them.


Forget about important things

For example, if you’re going to do the party in your garden or outside, make sure to take the correct previsions. You can buy or rent an awning to avoid that the rain can end the celebration and ruin the day.

Choose an appropriate date. It’s important that people don’t work or go school the next day. And, of course, you have to make sure that no one else celebrates something on the same day that your child are.

If it’s necessary, plan the space where the guests will park.

Delimits all places and areas of the room, before the party starts. That is to say, give a coherent space to the dance floor, food table, drinks table, etc.

And, don’t  interfere in their issues, but do not leave them at their mercy and supervise them in a sneaky way.




Be patient

If your son is in that epoch that he/she is rebel, you’ll need a lot of patience to talk to him/her.

You have to be a good dealer to make him/her concede things, but you also should be comprehensive.

Likewise, you have to learn to listen to him and understand him. You must respect his tastes, decisions and whims, while they aren’t harmful or abusive for your or his/her integrity.

If it’s a big party, the process will be long and exhausting, but it also can be exciting and funny. And, in the end, it’ll be worth it because your son will be happy.


Leave him/her to choose the music

Obviously, the actual trendy music isn’t the same that the music you listened when you were younger. If you don’t like his/her music, don’t do anything. It’s his/her party and his/her friends are who are going to enjoy it.

Your work is to bring him/her the necessary equipment to have a good sound, according to the party. The playlist and tracks are taken care of by your son.


Allow him/her to choose the theme

And if he/she doesn’t want a theme, it’s ok too.

Recently, the theme parties are a must. Even in adults celebrations. 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, pijamas, black and white, etc.

But if your son doesn’t want to choose a theme, it’s ok. Don’t push him.


Let him/her make the invitations

The invitation cards are already outdated or only delivered when they are very formal occasions.

Teens work by word-of-mouth, face-to-face or some digital method of invitation.

Your son can make an event on Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp or even use Instagram to make her friends know that he/she is going to do a party.


Take care of the food and drinks

Like every teenager, your son only thinks about having fun and enjoy. He/she surely will forget about important stuff like the food and drinks.

Anyways, teenagers parties don’t need anything special. Some pizza, french fries, hot dogs and burgers will be ok.

As to the drinks, although they are under age, they’ll want to drink some alcohol.

You can make cocktails that do not contain it – or have it in a small amount – and let them know as if they do. The daiquiris, piña colada and other fruit drinks are perfect for the occasion.


Respect his/her decisions

If he/she wants to dispense with traditionals stuff, don’t push him. Remember, all over again, that is HIS/HER birthday or celebration and he/she has to decide, while his/her whims aren’t harmful. For example, if he/she doesn’t want cake, don’t buy it to him/her.


Give him/her some credit

If he/she wants to show off in front of his/her friends that he/she planned all that, leave him/her. At that time, you will know that you did it well and he/she is satisfied with the outcome of the party, so much so that he/she wants to attribute the success to himself /herself

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