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The best thing about playing a game is when this activity gives you a kind of healthty stuff to your life. We’re so glad to tell you how lasertag can make you do cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory or aerobic exercize while you’re having fun.

It is not a secret to anybody that meanwhile a human being is  getting older, his health demands more attention that when he is young or a mere teenager.

Everybody knows that from an early age, people have to establish an exercise routine in their lives. So when adulthood comes, they can have better health. The exercise helps people to keep the body young and it also assist to has a better mental and spiritual state.

The best thing about playing a game is when this activity also makes your life a bit healthier. We’re very happy to tell you that laser tag can help you do cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory or aerobic exercise while you’re having fun.

It’s no secret that as humans get older, our health demands more attention that when we are young or just a teenager.

Everybody knows that from an early age, people have to establish an exercise routine in their lives. This way, when adulthood comes, they can have better health. Exercise helps keep the body young and it also assists in achieving a better mental and spiritual state.

This is because we also know that when you exercise, you release a lot of the stress of everyday life. For example: the anxiety that comes from the problems of daily life, things that need to be done and future situations.

With exercise, you can make all of this disappear. You only have to spend a few minutes every day walking or doing some kind of physical activity. This will help you improve your life in many ways.

It’s advisable that you incorporate exercise into your daily routine, or at least weekly, as soon as possible. But if that isn’t possible, we recommend that you practice some activity or game that gets your heart rate up. Because in doing this, energy is supplied to the muscles that work in your body, giving you many benefits.


Cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory or aerobic activity


Basically, the best thing is to do cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory or aerobic exercise, as these provide energy to your body.

What are these activities? Anything that mobilizes your muscle mass, obtaining energy mainly through aerobic systems. These activities combat problems of anxiety, overweight, stress, osteoporosis, etc., as we mentioned earlier.

Obviously, sports are the major source of cardiovascular exercise. However, if sports are not your thing, you can do other activities that have almost the same effect and are a little more entertaining. For example, fun games like laser tag.

This game, which is kind of like paintball but with laser guns instead of paint, is an excellent cardio activity. Just like the definition says: when you’re playing laser tag, your body is in constant motion and you activate your muscle mass.

In addition to providing benefits such as building teamwork, strengthening emotional bonds with your loved ones, releasing stress and anxiety and endless fun, laser tag also incorporates all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise in your life. This is because it’s a very dynamic game that keeps your body active while you’re having fun.


What are the benefits of cardio exercise?

Benefits for the cardiovascular and respiratory system:

– Reduces blood pressure

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to terrible heart diseases that can be lethal.

– Increases levels of good cholesterol

This prevents diseases such as poor circulation and atherosclerosis.

Reduces triglyceride levels in the blood

To avoid the risk of coronary artery disease that can also be life-threatening.

– Reduces levels of body fat and abdominal fat

This type of fat is one of the most harmful because it results in diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

-Increases aerobic and functional capacity

So that the body’s organs (heart, blood vessels and lungs) works better and the person is less fatigued after exerting themselves.

– Reduces the need for rest and increases the heart’s functional capacity

As we already said, the goal is to minimize fatigue and weakness in the movement of muscle mass in different activities.

It improves lung function

To allow better breathing that oxygenates the lungs and makes them function more effectively.

– It increases blood volume and irrigation capacity to different organs

This reduces circulation problems and the body has a better functioning.


Benefits at the metabolic level:

– Improves glucose tolerance and reduces insulin requirements in diabetics

That is to say, it controls the blood sugar levels that can cause this disease and helps to stabilize dangerous levels ​​for patients who have it.

– Increases the capacity to produce ATP

These are the organic molecules essential for the generation of cellular energy and therefore, the main source of energy for cellular functions.

– Increases basal metabolism

This turns out to be the minimum value of energy necessary for a cell to subsist. And then, this cell has to perform the intracellular chemical reactions necessary to perform the most essential metabolic functions, such as breathing.

– Increases the use of fatty acids

Whose main benefit is the production of energy.

– Increases the functional capacity of the different metabolic pathways producing ATP

Meaning, it creates more opportunity to generate more ATP, whose function is to produce cellular energy.


Benefits for the skeletal and muscular system:

– Reduces the risk of osteoporosis

In other words, it minimizes the chances of suffering diseases that weaken bone mass and that result in limited mobility.

Increases strength levels

Cardiovascular activity strengthens muscles and allows them to function better

-Reduces strength loss

By strengthening your muscles, you are also reducing their deterioration and loss of vitality.

– Reduces strength loss in older people

That is to say, cardio exercise brings more energy, strength and vitality to older adults.

– Strengthens ligaments and tendons

Which means it improves the functioning of the joints of the body.

– Increases the capillary density in the musculature

Simply put, it speeds up the process of hair growth.

– Increases deposits of ATP-PC and muscle glycogen

As we already mentioned, ATP is one of the main sources of energy in the human body.


Cognitive and emotional benefits:

Reduces anxiety and depression

When you’re doing a cardiovascular activity, or you’re playing a game like laser tag, you’re busy with this activity and concentrating all your thoughts on it; issues like anxiety and depression subside.

– Increases sense of well-being

Doing exercise frees feelings, worries, anxiety and depression. Because of this, you feel much better about yourself. Each time you do some kind of aerobic activity, you are oxygenating your thoughts and making ideas flow.

– Improves physical appearance and, consequently, self-esteem

The results of physical exercise may also be tangible or visible at first glance. Your body changes, firms up or slims down to a desired figure. This results in you being much happier with what you see in the mirror, and your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase.

Now that you know all the benefits that cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory or aerobic activity can give you, it’s impossible not to want to do it, right?

The good thing is that when you’re playing laser tag, you are also doing this type of exercise and, consequently, you are adding all these advantages to your life. This game is dynamic, fun and an excellent way to do cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory or aerobic exercise while you’re having fun.

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