Laserland & Adventure

Laserland & Adventure is an entertainment center that offers you the best atractions for your most special parties and events.

To plan a party or event doesn’t have to be stressful or traumatic. If you already took the concern, you have to start. The objetive has to be to make of this celebration the best one. Both for you, for the honored and for the attendees.

The idea should be to do a party that leaves a unique experience. And, obviously, a unforgettable one. It must to be funny, entertaining, playful and priceless.

Too far away from stressful, the process of having a party should be enjoyable and exciting for as long as it takes. That is to say that before, during the celebration and, in fact, after it,  you and your people should have fun. All of you must to be happy.

After choosing a topic and an ideal budget, the next step of your plan should be to choose the place. Among many options, Laserland & Adventure offers comfortable spaces with attractions for all ages. In addition to having an “easy to get there” location. Right in the heart of Miami.

From the littlest ones to the adults, everyone can enjoy of everything this entertaining family has to offer you.  The rooms present different options to cover all the tastes and sizes. Not to mention that Laserland can adapt to any subject. Because the Company also can decorate your party with the topic that you prefer.

This adventure center, will not only make your event very memorable, it will also make your planning process easier and, in effect, it will make you enjoy it.

 Here you have 7 reasons about why Laserland will make better your event


1.We have Lasertag rooms

Can you imagine play paintball without pain and mess? And with other alternatives?

This is lasertag. It’s the high-tech version of the traditional game of painting guns. Without all the mess.


In addition, unlike the standard game, in this one you will not only have to make “tags” on the other team, here you also have to complete missions and variations of the game. Where you can receive special power-up and abilities. These skills can help you to fulfill the missions and win the game.

We give you the opportunity of doing a private game with your co-workers, friends or family. The only thing you have to do is to collect the necessary people to cover the 24 spots. Then you’re ready to play!

The lasertag game is and excelent option to keep kids busy in a healty and safe way. It also work for infants that have to practice the team work. In addition, child can drain energy and negative charges through laughter and fun.

For adults it can be a great way to handle anxiety and stress caused by routine and work. Not to mention that it can make stronger co-workers, partners, friends and family relationships. Additionally, it promote the team work.

Laserland & Adventure counts with the latest and best technology in this game.


2.We have a team of professionals ready to help you in whatever you require

The ignorance about the correct use of the equipment is not a problem. We have a complety crew of professionals that would be happy to guide you in the process of learning to use the clothing and tools correctly.

Their duty is to make sure that all the material is well placed. And they also are there to be aware that everything is in perfect condition during the rounds.

Plus, Laserland & Adventure guides explain you everything you need to know about our rooms and other atractions. They’re there for illustrate you about all the games, spaces and other doubts that could go out of your mind.

They are willing to help you with everything you need.


3.We possess divers rooms, what means more and different options to have fun

As we said, Laserland & Adventure counts with a few rooms among the ones you can find the option that works best for you.

If the Lasertag game is not your thing, we have other game spaces that could surprise you.  Anything can happen here.

In our Arcade lounge you can play the games your like and you can collect redeemable tickets. There are your favorite games and some features that you will surely love to try.

With the redeemable tickets you can get a lot of surprises. The more you get, the more opportunities you have to win cool things and take them to your home.

4.We’re fun for all ages

You can never be too old to enjoy and have fun. From five or six years onwards, everyone can play at the lasertag rooms. For the littlest ones there are Arcade rooms and the most fantastic decorations.


The disposition to make your celebrations the most unforgettable and unique is what guarantees the success of each one. We are prepared to face celebrations of all ages. You just have to tell us what you want and the magic will happen in our rooms.

We have no age limit! Fun doesn’t get older!


5.If you get hungry after so many emotions … We have a coffee shop!

Physical exertion can leave both children and adults exhausted and hungry. At Adventure’s Coffee Shop you can enjoy healthy and delicious snacks and appetizers.


Pizzas, Cheese Fingers, Hot Dogs, Nachos and other products are ready for you. With the best flavor and in a perfect space to take a break of so many games.

It is the perfect space for a conversation with your friends, family or co-workers. Or anyone that you shared with in our rooms. A great opportunity to talk about how you are doing and to continue to strengthen your affective ties.

6.We offer wi-fi network for free

Is there anything better in the world than our games and food? Yes, the internet in our entertaining center is free!

In case you get tired of playing and what you want is to relax in our spaces, we have free wi-fi network for you. Ready to be used and keep you in touch with your social networks at no cost.

We know how important is to stay active in the media world. So this is another of our advantages. You can share with the digital world all your adventures in our spaces when they’re just happening!

Also, you can invite or boast in front of those friends and people who have not yet dared to visit us.

7.We have our own parking and it’s comfortable, spacious and free!

Getting to our entertainment center isn’t a problem because we are located in the heart of Miami.

If the other thing that worries you is the parking, that isn’t even a greater obstacle. At Laserland & Adventure we concerned about adapting a location spacious enough and comfortable. All our customers and their guests can leave their vehicles without worry.

Our parking lot has an adequate capacity so all users have the liberty of park there. It’s a safe area, close to you and without an additional cost.



If after seven reasons about why Laserland & Adventure will make your event the best one you ever done or gone, you’re not convinced, we repeat it:  in our spaces the fun is guaranteed and we cover all your needs.

We have games rooms for all tastes, sizes and ages.

We are willing to help you with any questions or services that you may need before, during and after your stay.

We have a Coffee Shop with the best snacks and appetizers.

We offer wi-fi network and parking nearby, comfortable and spacious for free.

And we can do anything you need to make the best party or event of your life.

You have no more excuses to not to visit us or make your event with us!

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