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Laser tag is kind of like the game paintball, but with the highest technology and without all the mess. That is to say, it’s an attraction where participants shoot a Phaser that, instead of paint, shoots a laser.

At Laserland and Adventure, there are several rooms that allow you to play laser tag however you prefer, without any limits. Well, except for the minimum height requirement.

In fact, the game goes beyond a simple match where you have to shoot your opponents. In this laser tag game, you have to complete some missions. This adds some variety to the game and, of course, makes the match more exciting and interesting.

During the game, you can obtain special powers and some skills that will help you to complete the quests and then win the game.

In the rooms at Laserland and Adventure, there is no restriction for people who wish to play laser tag, except for the minimum height, as we already mentioned. However, this is not a major obstacle; children as young as six years old—or anybody who meets the height requirement and can handle the equipment—can enter the rooms.

That’s the reason why there’s a minimum height: because the equipment can be very large and heavy for very young children. In any case, Laserland and Adventure has a group of experts that are always there to help people at all times and in any situation.

What is it like to put on the equipment and learn how to use it?

They are professionals who know how the gear and equipment of the game work. They are there to share their knowledge with the participants. Their job is to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Before each game, this team of experts teaches the participants how to put on the suit and how to use the gear. They also show an explanatory video and lay out the rules of the game.

They will also talk about how the match should be played out or the ideal situation in which everyone can enjoy and have fun in the game.

While the match is going on, they have to make sure that everything is okay and there are no issues. At the end of the game, they will help the participants to take off the equipment and return the gear.

A regular game lasts about twelve minutes. However, if you have gone with your own group and you pay for the whole round (24 spots), you can ask for more time.

It isn’t just an all-against-all game

This is another option that Laserland and Adventure allows. On one hand, you can join a regular game with other kids or people interested in playing. Or, you can also rent a room and have your own laser tag match. That is to say, you can get a private laser tag room and have the complete arena for you and your group.

All you have to do is go with the necessary people to fill all the spots on the field and pay for it. There are 24 spots. It’s an excellent choice to celebrate birthday parties or to hold corporate themed events.

In addition, you have many options to choose as far as the theme of the game goes. It doesn’t have to be everybody against everybody. You can play Zombies, Secret Agents or other themes that add fun and excitement to your laser tag game.

You just have to ask the Laserland and Adventure representatives about these alternatives. They will explain everything about them, and they will know how to guide you in the theme you choose so you and your friends can have a ton of fun.

Advantages of Laser tag

1 – The fun is guaranteed

Like all games, the main idea is to have fun and to break free from your routine and everyday problems for a while.

Laser tag is a dynamic, exciting and super fun game that will make you forget about your worries. You’ll be able to enjoy the whole experience and, consequently, have fun.

2 – People of all ages can play (from 5-6 years)

There are no age restrictions. If you can handle the equipment, you can play. Anyone who can do this can participate in the game.

Children and adults can play together. That means it can be an excellent option for families and an activity to break up the routine. Even grandparents can be part of a round if they want.

The whole family can come to Laserland and Adventure and have fun!

3-  Playing laser tag relieves stress

One of the things that you have to leave before entering the arena is the worries and problems of daily life.

If you don’t do it, we take for granted that as the game develops, you will do it. You’ll have to pay more attention to your opponents and partners. Therefore, you’ll have the mind occupied in the game, so the stress of routine has to go away.

Somehow, with all the movement and fun that gives you the game, the stress will be released.

4 – Strengthens relationships

At Laserland and Adventure, you can create new memories of fun times with your loved ones. The more quality moments you spend with them, the more your relationship with them will grow and deepen.

And… What’s better than having fun with your nearest and dearest to create new memories?

5 – It promotes teamwork

If you rent the whole arena, you can make your own rules—kind of. So, you can play all-against-all, or play another themed game with teams. You can choose between some options that Laserland and Adventure offers, or ask for another type of match.

This way, you can promote teamwork in your children or coworkers. If they have to agree in order to win a game, they will practice cooperation.

6 – It’s great exercise

To play, you have to be in constant movement and making some kind of physical effort, so you’re exercising your body.

Everyone knows how positive and beneficial it can be to keep your body active. It gives you a longer life, lets you release stress and handle anxiety better.

The lasertag can be an excellent option to burn calories while you’re having fun,

7 – It encourages healthy competition

The goal of laser tag—and every participant—is to win, so everybody will do their best to make that happen.

In this way, each person’s competitive spirit is awakened. This competitive spirit is necessary to become a little more ambitious with your life goals and purpose.

There are rules to follow so that the competition doesn’t get out of hand. The idea is to promote positive values that don’t go too far and turn negative.

8 – It can be a sort of laugh therapy

Every game is has the potential to be laugh therapy; it depends on the mood of the participants and their desire to have fun.

Sometimes, people just want to be with their loved ones and take the game easy, and they have a lot of fun. Occasionally, participants take the match very seriously, and… they also have fun!

There’s no way to not have fun with laser tag and this is the best reason of all to play it.


Agent Mode Video

Spaceship video

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